Lian Building Group

Is an independent professional inspection service throughout Brisbane and region, undertake new build or established surveys on behalf of purchasers to identify defects in their new home.

We individually assess each Building and provide complete report related to structure , age , pest & termites and more
Building Inspections is one of our Special Services. It will be our pleasure to provide you with a Free consultation on how we might serve your Building Inspection needs.
Lian Building Group abide to the Council of Australia Structural Engineer’s Risk Management Program in providing our services. We practice the standard of care exercised by structural engineers given the same time frames and set of conditions and circumstances.

Our Priority Is In Great Delivery

We have the in-depth knowledge and experience gained from over years in the construction / property industry.

The Best Service Comes First

Our inspectors are highly qualified and experienced and have inspected many of new homes.

We have combined their professional knowledge to produce an effective snagging methodology which is under constant development. 

What We Do

Building Inspection

Starting from: $220

Pest Inspection

Starting from: $130

New construction

Starting from: $330

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some questions we were asked by clients .

Do i need to get building inspection?

A building inspection involves the inspector visually surveying and characterising the property, including any structural defects or potential hazards. State-of-the-art instrumentation and software are sometimes used to fully assess the condition of the home or building.

What does a building inspector check?

A building inspection is just one check you can get done before buying a property. ... The building inspection report is a written account of the property's condition. It will include any significant building defects or problems such as rising damp, movement in the walls (cracking), safety hazards or a faulty roof.

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

  1. Provide open access to areas that need to be checked. ...
  2. Clear the perimeter. ...
  3. Check the roof. ...
  4. Keep a clean house. ...
  5. Replace any bulbs that are out. ...
  6. Make sure your toilets are functioning properly. ...
  7. Put in a fresh furnace return filter. ...
  8. Turn all pilot lights on.

How long does a building and pest inspection take?

How long does a building inspection take? This is one of the most commonly asked questions about building inspections. In general, most building and pest inspectors take about 90 minutes to 2 hours each, but depending on the size of the house can take longer.

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