Australian Building Standards highly recommended that regular reinspections are carried out (generally on an annual basis) to ensure the ongoing safety of the building structures on the property. Licensed pest experts are able to identify past and present termite damage / activity and lay out exactly what is required to protect the property in a format called a Pest Management Program.

Pest management programs ensure the ongoing safety of your building for years to come. Because of the severe damage and therefore rectification costs that can be quickly accumulated by owning a home that is under attack by termites it is important to have an inspector that will look at the home, yard and surrounding areas.

Pest inspectors use thermal imaging and moisture meter devices that can help alert the inspector to the fact, moist mud nests that termites travel through may actually be inside a wall cavity or other concealed areas of the building.

LIAN BUILDING CONSULTANCY will take you through such findings on-site and the report contains information that states not only if activity was found but also what can be done to prevent pests from entering the building in the future.

As already stated all homes can incur huge costs from termites even steel and brick homes as these pests will destroy mouldings, skirtings and architraves which can result in thousands of dollars wasted. A pest inspector will identify fungi and timber rot as well.

LIAN BUILDING CONSULTANCY is a licensed and insured pest management company specialising in inspections and the reporting on timber pest and termite activity.

This service is more often than not completed at the same time as your building inspection when selling / purchasing a property or if a property owner has concerns about current timber pest issues.

Our immediate response attitude to current timber pest issues will ensure that the issues are fully identified, understood and damage is minimised by implementing an appropriate pest management system.

With our instant electronic reporting process you will have all the information at your fingertips to be able to make immediate decisions.


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