Your property is one of your most important assets, making it essential that you regularly conduct professional inspections to ensure the property is in top condition. Building and pest inspections go hand in hand, as pests are one of the most common reasons for degrading the quality of a building. Along with checking for pests, an inspector will investigate the condition of the building to determine if there is any structural damage or further risks to the property and your family.

It is recommended to hire a professional inspector annually to ensure it is in the best possible condition as dangers such as pests or building degradation may be occurring out of sight within the walls. At Lian Building Consultancy we offer building pest inspections as part of our building inspection services to provide you with maximum peace of mind.

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How Do Building and Pest Inspections Operate?

    1. Site Conditions Report: Building pest inspections begin with the inspector analysing the general site that the property occupies. This includes any gardens and trees that are featured in the yard, as well as any drains or landscape features. They also look for any signs of foundation movements or failures during this stage, as well as signs of seepage.
    1. Full Structural Point by Point Check: Before the property is inspected in greater detail, the inspector looks at the general structure of the building for any faults that may be present. Hidden spaces, such as a crawlspace in the ceiling, are also inspected during this stage.
    1. Movement and Stability Issues: This stage of the building and pest inspection report focuses on detecting any damage to the elements of the building, such as cracks in the walls and ceiling. Rather than just listing problems, the report features possible ways to remedy these issues.
    1. Externally: The exteriors of the property are inspected next, with everything from the roof to the materials used in the building’s construction examined. The inspector uses a ladder to access harder to reach areas of your property.
    1. Internally: Once the inspection moves inside, the inspector examines every room from floor to ceiling. Thermal imaging devices are used to search for any signs of pests. For wet areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, a moisture meter device is used to determine the moisture level. This section of the building and pest report also discusses any issues related to the aesthetics, operational issues, and potential ongoing costs of the property.
    1. Safety Items: The inspection covers safety hazards in relation to electrical, plumbing, staircase hand railings, and many more.
    1. Summary: Once the building and pest inspections have concluded, the client is provided a comprehensive report that covers everything that was examined, including if any signs of pests were detected. While we do not offer pest extermination services, we are able to provide advice for you moving forward to remove this threat. The report also features a grading of the property in comparison to buildings of a similar age that have been inspected. Each area of the property is graded alongside a list of issues and recommendations being provided.

The Benefits of Building and Pest Inspections

By pairing our building and pest inspections together, you are receiving the best possible service to ensure you are aware of your property’s exact condition. The inspection focuses on the integrity and condition of the property while also searching for any signs of termites and other pests using thermal technology. If left undetected, these pests and damages may cause massive damage to your property that can put its occupants at risk. This also leads to thousands of dollars being wasted on repair fees, when a simple building and pest report can identify the problem in advance. We also reveal any traces of fungi or timber rot that plague the property.

Rather than simply alerting you to the issues with your home, we walk through the findings with you on-site and discuss ways to remedy these issues to protect your home now and into the future. Our building and pest inspection report is handed over to you immediately, allowing you to make these decisions straight away. While we do not offer pest extermination services, we are able to provide advice for you moving forward if pests have been detected on your property.

Why Lian Building Consultancy?

With more than 15 years’ experience inspecting residential and commercial properties, we provide the Brisbane region with expert knowledge when it comes to inspections while being aware of all the codes and standards your property must meet. We do not offer pest inspections on their own – our pest inspection services are combined with building inspections to provide you with maximum peace of mind.

A building and pest report provided by us is designed to be easy-to-follow, meaning we don’t bog you down with jargon as we work together to ensure your property is safe now and into the future. More than just listing any potential defects, our reports also discuss the age and structure of your building to provide you with a detailed analysis of your property. We offer a free initial consultation to better get to know you and your property as we discuss our services and the benefits they provide.

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When it comes to your home or commercial property, there is nothing more important than ensuring that it remains safe and stable for you and your family for years to come. At Lian Building Consultancy, we provide expert building and pest inspection services that cover every inch of your property to reveal any hidden damage or bugs hiding inside.

We then work with you to determine the best course of action moving forward to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to protect your property. Access our online booking page to get started, or give us a call on 0421 402 307 or send an email to for any enquires.


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