1. Site Conditions assessment– a site drainage, garden, trees and landscape analysis is carried out to help identify reasons for possible foundation movements / failures and evidence of seepage into the home.
  2. Full structural point by point check – All the components that structurally make up the dwelling including a manhole crawl in the ceiling cavity (where accessible) are checked for defects and correct use.
  3. Movement and stability issues– This section of the report covers cracking to building elements, classifies the damage so it is easy for you to understand the significance of any movement issues and then makes recommendation on what to do about those issues.
  4. Externally – the building is checked from roof apex to base of the building. A ladder is used to inspect the condition of the roof, fascias, gutters and down pipes (where accessible). You will be given a full rundown of all the different components making up the building, the materials used, an understanding of any defects and recommendations as required.
  5. Internally – Once again the building is checked thoroughly from the lowest floor level to the highest ceiling point. All wet areas are inspected and a moisture meterdevice is used if required. The internal section of the report comments on every aspect and building products used from the kitchen and living areas to the bedrooms and other rest areas. Comments can range depending on the issues from aesthetics to operational issues and most importantly ongoing cost considerations.
  6. Safety Items – We identify safety switches, smoke alarms and report on obvious safety defects at the time of the inspection in relation to electrical, plumbing, staircase hand railing, glazing, asbestos and any other hazardous safety concerns.
  7. Summary – Finally there is a summary and personal objective GRADING opinion of the home in comparison with other homes of similar age and era that have previously been inspected. This will rate all the areas inspected throughout the report which explains the significance of the issues reported and grades the property so you can rely on the building inspector’s experience.

As part of this service we will organise access to the property on your behalf at a time that is convenient for all concerned parties.


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