Before making any purchase, it is important to conduct a quality check to make sure what you are buying meets your standards. This is especially true when purchasing property, as buying real estate is both a big commitment and a hefty purchase. That’s why it is vital to conduct a pre purchase building inspection on any property you are considering purchasing. An inspector investigates the building and point out any faults or necessary repairs in a property condition report, which they pass onto you. This highlights any nasty surprises and is a massive help when deciding whether to finalise the purchase.

At Lian Building Consultancy, we are the building and pest inspectors you can rely on when purchasing residential or commercial property. Get in touch by calling 0421 402 307, emailing, or book an appointment through our online booking page.

Stages of a Pre Purchase House Inspection / Commercial Property Inspection

  1. Site Conditions Report: A pre purchase house inspection and pre purchase commercial inspection both begin with the inspector analysing the drainage and landscape of the property. Here they check for any foundation movements or failures, along with looking for any evidence of seepage into the home. Gardens and trees located on the property are also inspected.
  1. Full Structural Point by Point Check: The structure of the property is inspected, with all components that contribute to this structure being looked at for potential faults. If the building possesses a crawlspace in the ceiling, then this will also be inspected during this stage.
  1. Movement and Stability Issues: This section of the building inspection report covers any damage to the building’s elements, such as cracks in the walls or ceiling. The report presents this information in an easy-to-understand way while listing any issues that may arise and any recommendations for how to remedy these problems.
  1. Externally: The exteriors of the building are checked from the base of the building to the roof apex. A ladder is used to inspect the roof’s condition, along with the fascia, gutters, and pipes, where accessible. The property condition report covers all the building’s components and materials used, as well as any defects and recommendations.
  1. Internally: The interiors of the property are inspected thoroughly, from the floor to the ceiling of every room. A moisture meter device is used in all wet areas to determine the moisture level of the materials present. This section of the building inspection report comments on every aspect of the building’s internals and the products used in its construction. These comments include any issues with the aesthetics, operational issues, and any potential ongoing costs.
  1. Safety Items: The report lists any issues with electrical, plumbing, staircase hand railings, glazing, asbestos, and any other potential hazards.
  1. Summary: Once the pre sale building inspection has concluded, the inspector provides a summary that includes a grading of the building in comparison to buildings of a similar age they have inspected. Each area of the property is rated while a list of issues and recommendations is provided.

The Benefits of Using a Pre Purchase Building Inspection

It is never wise to make a purchase without using your due diligence to make sure you are getting what you pay for, and not being sold a damaged product. This is extra important when purchasing property, as the significant cost can cripple your finances if you are forced to sink more money into the investment than you first believed.

Obtaining a property condition report allows you to make your purchase with your eyes open or walk away if the building does not meet your expectations. The inspector will talk you through any faults they have found and discuss ways for you to fix these issues if you do decide to purchase the property. If your pre purchase house inspection or commercial property inspection uncovers any unexpected faults, you may be able to renegotiate the purchase price.

Why Lian Building Consultancy?

Lian Building Consultancy was established to provide the Brisbane region with expert inspection services. With more than 15 years’ experience in the construction and analysis of commercial and residential properties, we possess expert knowledge when it comes to the codes and standards that all buildings must follow.

When you choose Lian Building Consultancy for your pre purchase building inspection, you will receive a building inspection report that covers everything from the structure and age of the property to any traces of pests or termites. We provide a free consultation to discuss our services and how they will benefit your purchasing decision.

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If you are looking to purchase a new home or building for your business, don’t leave yourself open to any hidden faults or damages. Instead, hire Lian Building Consultancy to inspect the property for you and provide you with the exact condition of the building. We provide a range of building inspection services and have been proudly servicing the Brisbane region since 2018. To get started, give us a call on 0421 402 307, send an email to, or book an appointment through our online booking, page.


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