Building Inspection Services

At Lian Building Consultancy, we take pride in providing our customers with nothing short of quality building inspection services, pest, and handover services – offering peace of mind when it comes time to move forward in life. Before purchasing or selling a home or building, it’s imperative that you engage a professional to conduct these services, and we do this fully in line with state and national requirements.

Here, we utilise a number of tools and techniques to assess the condition of a home or of a building, from visual inspections to moisture sensors, thermal imaging and so on – this allows us to provide you with the most data and details post-service. It can be hard to trust someone you’ve never met before, but rest assured at Lian Building Consultancy, we take care of you and ensure a solid service.

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Building & Pest Inspection Services

Our professional team of property inspectors have a wealth of knowledge and experience, making them a trusted and reliable source for pre-purchase building inspection services. We perform a complete internal and external assessment of site conditions, as well as a structural point by point check for complete convenience. Upon completion, you will receive a summary of our objective grading opinion

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Our building and pest inspection services are designed to thoroughly assess and inspect the structural and cosmetic quality of a building in question, as well as methodically uncovering the presence of both active and inactive, harmful pests. To ensure the health of your building is in check, get in touch with Lian Building Consultancy to book a comprehensive, cost-effective, and quality check.

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At Lian Building Consultancy, we offer qualified property inspections and are certified in providing pre-handover reports in accordance with all applicable regulations. This includes Construction Stage Assessments, Handover Reports, and New Home Warranty Advice. We take pride in delivering our clients with quality results, so contact us if you’re in need of a trusted inspection and handover consultancy.

Why Work with Lian Building Consultancy

There are a few things that make us stand out within our industry, and what makes our customers continue to come back to us when we’re needed. Not only do we go above and beyond when it comes to quality results and in depth information upon project completions, but we also offer:

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